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Eat well and reduce your carbon footprint by growing fruit. We explain how to plant, grow and harvest your own. We want Fruit Expert to be THE site you go to when you need facts about fruit. We realise that's a big challenge but we think we're getting there.
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Ask Our Experts: Espalier Pear Tree Losing Fruit: What is the Cause?, Can I Save My...
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Eating & Drinking: Great Pear Recipes, Recipes for Raspberries, Tips and Advice For...
Fruit & Health
Fruit & Health: The Nutritional Benefits of Fruit, Fruity Beauty Treatments, Physical...
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Fruit Basics: All About Tropical & Exotic Fruits, All About Fruit Trees, Fun...
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Fruit Gardening: Month By Month Fruit Growing Calendar, Common Problems When Growing...
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Fruit Trees & Bushes: Growing Currants, Cherry Trees, Peach Trees, Kiwi Fruit Bushes,...
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Storing & Preserving: Freezing Your Fruit, Pickles, Relishes, Jams and Preserves, Storing...
Latest Comments
  • stu c
    Re: Pear Trees
    I planted a conference pear tree during last summer. Ir was already bearing fruit when purchased from a reputable nursery. This spring it has blossomed…
    26 April 2015
  • Oli101
    Re: Growing Avocados
    I have my late fathers Avocado tree which is over 40 years old. It has been in the conservatory for the last 20 yrs and but has never flowered. It…
    25 April 2015
  • sandy
    Re: Cherry Trees
    with reference to my cherry half pink half white. what has caused this and can anything be done
    24 April 2015
  • sandy
    Re: Cherry Trees
    my weeping cherry has been gorgeous for 40 years but this year it has half pink and half white
    24 April 2015
  • FruitExpert
    Re: Pear Trees
    @mandy - to sustain plant growth you need nitrogen to encourage good growth, phosphorus for root growth and potassium for healthy fruit and flowers. The…
    21 April 2015
  • mandy
    Re: Pear Trees
    How often do I feed my conference pear tree its about three years old can anyone help ?
    19 April 2015
  • mandy
    Re: Pear Trees
    How often should I feed my conference pear tree its abiu 3 years old can anyone help?
    19 April 2015
  • Dan
    Re: Tree Dressing: Traditions, Myths and Modern Practices
    @none - for goosberries; in order to conserve soil you will need to mulch the root area wuth…
    8 April 2015
  • none
    Re: Tree Dressing: Traditions, Myths and Modern Practices
    Last year my apple pear and gooseberry gave a poor yield , what food do you suggest if any.?.
    6 April 2015
  • Sofia
    Re: Growing Goji Berries
    Hi, Nice day,dear friend Hope this e-mail find you well, -:) This is Sofia Liu,a lovely girl from Yinchuan,Ningxia,we are the first…
    25 March 2015
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