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Eat well and reduce your carbon footprint by growing fruit. We explain how to plant, grow and harvest your own. We want Fruit Expert to be THE site you go to when you need facts about fruit. We realise that's a big challenge but we think we're getting there.
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Ask Our Experts: Espalier Pear Tree Losing Fruit: What is the Cause?, Can I Save My...
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Eating & Drinking: Great Pear Recipes, Recipes for Raspberries, Tips and Advice For...
Fruit & Health
Fruit & Health: The Nutritional Benefits of Fruit, Fruity Beauty Treatments, Physical...
Fruit Basics
Fruit Basics: All About Tropical & Exotic Fruits, All About Fruit Trees, Fun...
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Fruit Gardening: Month By Month Fruit Growing Calendar, Common Problems When Growing...
Fruit Trees & Bushes
Fruit Trees & Bushes: Growing Currants, Cherry Trees, Peach Trees, Kiwi Fruit Bushes,...
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Storing & Preserving: Freezing Your Fruit, Pickles, Relishes, Jams and Preserves, Storing...
Latest Comments
  • rock
    Re: Espalier Pear Tree Losing Fruit: What is the Cause?
    i have a pear tree that came up threw the center of my old pear tree. the old tree was approx. 8o…
    26 July 2016
  • Linda
    Re: Cherry Trees
    Hi, please help! I am new to fruit growing and have recently purchased a cherry tree. The label states it is prunus avium ciliegio nano, but I can not…
    26 July 2016
  • FruitExpert
    Re: Cherry Trees
    Ade - Your Question:Please I just wanted to find out if cherries and berry can be grown in Nigeria. Thanks
    26 July 2016
  • danny
    Re: Cherry Trees
    I have two cherry trees planted some distance apart I do get plenty of fruit from them but this year I noticed that we lost a lot whats the best spray…
    25 July 2016
  • Ade
    Re: Cherry Trees
    Please i just wanted to find out if cherries and berry can be grown in Nigeria. Thanks
    25 July 2016
  • silver
    Re: Plum Trees
    Help I have an opal plum tree that has gold lumps of hard like plastic stuck to the plums, what is it ??
    24 July 2016
  • Sarah
    Re: Plum Trees
    We moved out of our house that had a Victoria plum tree it's got lots of fruit when can I dig it up to take to our new house will it die if we take it now
    23 July 2016
  • Viner
    Re: Growing Grapes
    Hey- I just got a farm land in Abuja and would love to commercially farm grapes. Any advise or write up that can help? Best
    21 July 2016
  • cat lady
    Re: Growing Avocados
    I have succesfully grown 2 plants fron seed. However, thinking about the region they came from have had them outdoors for 3 days, temp over 20…
    19 July 2016
  • Shell
    Re: Why do we not hear about Winberries?
    My partner have picked winberries today in Aberdare South Wales we get them almost every year from the near by…
    17 July 2016
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