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Strawberry Protection – Netting Frames & Cages

Strawberries are a fabulous addition to the garden and they are an excellent choice for [...]

Using Fruit Cages to Protect your Crop – Growing Guide

A fruit cage is a great solution for keeping pests off bushes and trees. Many [...]

Hot Composting – How to Turn Waste to Compost Fast!

You may have heard the term “hot composting”. Not sure what hot composting means? Perhaps [...]

Growing Gooseberries UK – Gooseberry Bush Planting & Care

Gooseberries are a gardener’s friend. Even a neglectful gardener with little time or effort to [...]


Garden Orchards UK – Planning & Layout Guide

Many UK gardeners are planning garden orchards to provide them with a fruit harvest and [...]

Growing Tomatoes UK – Guide to Planting Tomatoes at Home

Growing tomatoes in your greenhouse or garden is very satisfying. Few things say ‘summer’ more [...]


Bacterial Canker Infection on Fruit Trees – Control & Treatment Guide

Bacterial canker affects trees in the Prunus family, including plums, cherries, apricots, and peaches. Scientifically [...]

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Silver Leaf Disease – Treating & Controlling the Fungus

Chondrostereum purpureum, better known as silver leaf disease, affects a range of tree varieties. This [...]

Shot Hole Disease Treatment & Control

Found mainly on the Prunus family, shot hole disease affects fruit trees including plum, peach, [...]

Redcurrant Bushes – How To Grow & Care For Redcurrants in the UK

Growing Redcurrant bushes is the perfect way to begin as a newcomer to berry gardening. [...]