Patio Peach Trees – Growing Fruit in Pots

There’s something very summery about peaches, whether it’s their colour, smell, or their juicy flesh. Patio peach trees are a popular choice in the UK gardening community and this is down to their success.

Patio Peach Trees

Peach trees in containers can be very productive and make highly decorative additions to gardens. You can enjoy the harvest as a snack, in meals, or in smoothies – they are a great seasonal fruit. Your peach tree will start producing fruit from its third year of being planted.

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Growing Peach Trees in Pots

The beauty of growing peach trees in pots is that they will not get higher than 2m and you can even keep them shorter than this.

Whether you are short on space, don’t have the time to commit to a big tree, or have problems with mobility, patio peach trees could be the answer.

Flowering on peach trees begins early on in the year and then the fruit is ready to pick during the summer months. With bright pink flowers followed by the reds and yellows of peaches, this patio tree will be a delight in any outside space.

Best Patio Peach Tree Varieties

With quite a range of patio trees available, we thought it would be very useful to reveal the most popular with UK gardeners. We also share their key features and why they are purchased so readily.


Lacrima peaches are very sweet and juicy with delicious taste.

These patio peach trees produce stunning blossom, fruit, and leaves during their growing season. Having a smaller tree does not mean you have to compensate for the size of the fruit either. You’ll be treated to full-size, glorious coloured peaches in the summer.

  • Best Feature: First-ever edible weeping peach
  • When To Plant Out: November to March
  • Harvest Fruit: July to September
  • Best Growing Position: Full sun and partial shade, in a sheltered spot


Producing crimson and green colours with white flesh, Peregrine peaches are perfect for a thirst-quenching fruit.

Round and packed full of flavour, you can enjoy tucking into these from the comfort of your own home. Known for its hardy nature, peregrine peach patio trees have great results when grown in containers.

  • Best Feature: Fully hardy
  • When To Plant Out: All year round
  • Harvest Fruit: July to September
  • Best Growing Position: Sheltered with plenty of sun

Avalon Pride

Looking for a peach variety with lots of flavours and the typical yellow flesh?

Avalon peaches grown in a pot in your garden will bring a touch of exotic to your space. Having said this, they by no means need exotic temperatures to grow – they do very well in the UK.

  • Best Feature: Resistant to peach leaf curl
  • When To Plant Out: All year round
  • Harvest Fruit: July to September
  • Best Growing Position: Full Sun and hardy against the elements

Growing Peach Trees in Pots – Patio Care Guide

Growing peach trees in pots is great for both beginners and the more established gardeners. They do not need much attention and are known for their hardiness against cold temperatures meaning little work is required. Follow our top tips for growing your patio peach tree.

  • What Size Pot for a Peach Tree? 45cm in diameter
  • Compost: Loam, sand or clay (well-drained)
  • Watering: Regularly, more in hot weather
  • Feeding: High potassium liquid feed two-weekly
  • Rootstock: Montclare

Common Patio Peach Tree Problems

  • Peach Leaf Curl: This is a fungal disease that some variety of patio peach trees can be susceptible to. Symptoms include curled or damaged leaves, visible fungal spores, and damaged shoots or fruit. Purchasing a cover will help to prevent this disease and also remove damaged sections.
  • Squirrels: These intelligent animals will enjoy eating those peaches given the opportunity.  A cover (as above) will help and keep them close to the house. You could also put out some other food for the wildlife away from the tree.

Pruning Patio Peach Trees

A pot-grown peach tree will need pruning yearly, both to keep a neat shape and also to ensure fruit grows successfully.

When to Prune Patio Peach Trees

Pruning patio peach trees during the spring is a good idea and will encourage the tree to remain healthy.

How to Prune Patio Peach Trees

When it comes to pruning your patio peach tree, pay particular attention to any overcrowding of branches. This prevents natural light from accessing the tree which will hinder its growth and fruit crop. It’s important to concentrate on the scaffolding branches so that you determine the shape you want your tree to take. Leave them for the first year and then look at pruning them during the second year. You can also get rid of any damaged buds and branches during the year to reduce the risk of any diseases spreading further.


Can you grow peach trees in containers?

Peach trees are a popular fruit tree grown in containers and they won’t take up too much garden space either. They are known as hardy fruit trees that handle the UK climate very well.

How tall do patio peach trees grow?

The average height of a patio peach tree is around 1.2 metres and they certainly will not go beyond 2 metres. You do not need to worry about reducing the height as they will not grow tall like garden-planted peach trees.

What is the best compost for patio peach trees?

Patio peach trees like loam-based soil with adequate drainage. Garden soil is not suitable and you may not get the results you were hoping for.

What do you feed patio peach trees with?          

A high potassium feeder in the winter months will be appreciated by your patio peach tree. This contains vital nutrients that will optimise the health of your tree.

When to repot a patio peach tree?          

It is important to repot your patio peach tree every 2 years to allow it to grow adequately. You can do this when it’s pruning time so that the tasks are done together.

What size pot is needed for a peach tree?            

A pot for your patio peach tree should be at least 45cm in diameter and don’t forget that you may need a bigger one as you repot every two years.

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