Can You Freeze Apple Crumble?

Let’s be honest, nothing warms the soul quite like a steaming apple crumble. They are [...]

Malus John Downie Crab Apple Tree – UK Variety Guide

With the potential to reach an impressive height of 12 metres, the Malus John Downie [...]

Can You Freeze Apples? Freezer Storage Guide

Wondering if you can freeze apples? If you’ve got too many, the good news is [...]

Can You Freeze Pears? Best Freezer Storage Ideas

You may be wondering, can you freeze pears? Thankfully the answer is yes! There are [...]

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Patio Cherry Trees – Growing Cherries in Pots

Short on space? Looking for some fruit to grow, perhaps more modestly than a huge [...]


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Can You Freeze Blueberries? A Guide to Freezing & Using

Considered one of the superfruits, blueberries can produce a decent fruit yield when planted in [...]

Bacterial Canker Infection on Fruit Trees – Control & Treatment Guide

Bacterial canker affects trees in the Prunus family, including plums, cherries, apricots, and peaches. Scientifically [...]

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