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Plum Maggots – Dealing With Pink Maggot Pests

Plum maggots are most commonly caused by the plum moth. The maggots live inside and [...]


Plum Moths – Treatment, Control & Identification Guide

Plum moths are one of the more common UK fruit pests and they emerge, after [...]

Plum Aphid Infestations – Identifying Damage, Control &Treatment

There are two common types of plum aphids, leaf-curling aphids and mealy plum aphids. Plum [...]

Growing Grapes in the UK – How to Grow Grape Vines Indoors & Outdoors

Growing grapes in the UK climate is very achieveable. There’s nothing more satisfying than producing [...]


Lecanium Scale – Identifying Damage, Control & Treatment

Lecanium scale is just one of many types of scale insects that live on, and [...]

Winter Moths & Caterpillars – Identification, Control & Treatment

Winter Moths are common in the UK and are most frequent between Autumn and Winter. [...]

Plum Sawfly – Identifying Damage, Control & Treatment

Although called Plum Sawfly, these plum pests aren’t damaging to just plums – they can [...]

Lime Trees – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Limes In The UK

The UK climate may not be the most suitable for lime trees but this doesn’t [...]

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Lemon Trees UK – Growing & Care Guide

You may be somewhat surprised to learn you can successfully grow lemon trees, and other [...]

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Orange Trees – Grow Your Own Oranges in the UK

Orange trees originally come from China but have been grown in Europe and North America [...]