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Patio Nectarine Trees – Growing Fruit in Pots

We do not all have the luxury of a large garden, but that doesn’t mean [...]

Patio Cherry Trees – Growing Cherries in Pots

Short on space? Looking for some fruit to grow, perhaps more modestly than a huge [...]


Exotic Fruit to Grow in the UK – 3 Ideas For Fruit Gardening

When you think about growing fruit in the UK climate, then growing exotic fruit may [...]


Bacterial Canker Infection on Fruit Trees – Control & Treatment Guide

Bacterial canker affects trees in the Prunus family, including plums, cherries, apricots, and peaches. Scientifically [...]

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Silver Leaf Disease – Treating & Controlling the Fungus

Chondrostereum purpureum, better known as silver leaf disease, affects a range of tree varieties. This [...]

Shot Hole Disease Treatment & Control

Found mainly on the Prunus family, shot hole disease affects fruit trees including plum, peach, [...]

Redcurrant Bushes – How To Grow & Care For Redcurrants in the UK

Growing Redcurrant bushes is the perfect way to begin as a newcomer to berry gardening. [...]

Cranberry Bushes – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Cranberries in the UK

Growing Cranberry bushes in the UK provides a lovely ornamental feature for any garden or [...]

Blackcurrant Bushes – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Blackcurrants in the UK

Blackcurrant bushes do not require much care and attention, making them a popular UK garden [...]

Growing Berries

Berries are some of the easiest fruits to grow in the UK. They require very [...]