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Kiwi Plants – A Guide To Growing Kiwi Fruit in the UK

While Kiwi fruit is not native to the UK, kiwi plants can be grown with [...]


Raspberry Plants – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Raspberries in the UK

Is there a more idyllic summer scene than picking berries a raspberry plants and popping [...]

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Growing Goji Berry Plants – Your Guide on Goji Berries in UK Gardens

An article about growing goji berries in the UK and how to get the most [...]


Patio Apple Trees – How To Grow Apples in Pots & Best Varieties For The UK

Patio apple trees are a great option for anyone who may not have a garden [...]

Mulberry Trees – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Mulberries in the UK

Mulberry trees are a delight to grow in UK gardens because it’s not a fruit [...]

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Growing Pear Trees UK – Guide to Varieties

The pear tree is widely cultivated across the world. Its fruit is juicier than that [...]


Growing Avocados in the UK – A Guide To Avocado Plant Care

While avocados are a tropical fruit more suited to the humid regions of Mexico and [...]


Medlar Trees – Growing & Pruning Medlars in UK Fruit Gardens

Medlar trees, also known as common Medlar, are part of the rose family Rosaceae and [...]


Fig Trees – A Guide To Growing & Buying in the UK

Figs were one of the very first cultivated fruit trees and there’s evidence of fig [...]

Cherry Trees – How to Grow & Care For Cherries

The cherry tree belongs to the same family (Rosaceae) as almonds, medlars, peaches, plum trees [...]