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Blackberry Bushes – A Guide To Growing & Caring For Blackberries in the UK

When you think of blackberry bushes and other related berries, you probably associate them with [...]


Quince Trees – Growing & Caring For Quince in the UK

Quince trees are easy to care for and not prone to some of the common [...]

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Olive Trees – A Guide to Growing Olive Trees in the UK

Adding a touch of the Mediterranean into your UK garden is very possible with the [...]

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Plum Brown Rot – Identifying Damage, Control & Treatment

Plum brown rot is a fungus that causes fruit on plum trees in the UK [...]

Persimmon Trees – A Guide To Growing Sharon Fruit in the UK

Persimmon also goes by the common names Sharon fruit and Chinese date plum. The fruit [...]


Papaya Trees – Growing Papaya Fruit in UK Gardens

Although unmistakably exotic fruit, Papaya trees can be successfully grown here in the UK. The [...]

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Pomegranate Trees – A Guide On Growing Pomegranates in the UK

Although very much an exotic fruit, pomegranate trees take to the UK climate very well [...]

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Musa Basjoo – Growing Japanese Banana Trees in the UK

Musa Basjoo, more commonly known as the Japanese Banana Tree, belongs to the Musaceae family [...]

Plum Pocket Disease – Treatment & Control

A fungal infection causing fruit to grow without their stones, plum pocket affects the young [...]

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Plum Pox Virus – Disease Control & Treatment

Plum pox virus first came about in 1917 in Bulgaria but has since been encountered [...]