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Can You Freeze Raspberries? Guide to Freezing and Storage

Perhaps you couldn’t resist the reduced aisle at the supermarket and now have punnets full [...]

Medlar Fruit – How to Eat, Grow, Blet & Use Medlars

The medlar tree originates from Southwest Asia and its history spans back more than 3,000 [...]


Can You Freeze Apples? Freezer Storage Guide

Wondering if you can freeze apples? If you’ve got too many, the good news is [...]

Can You Freeze Pears? Best Freezer Storage Ideas

You may be wondering, can you freeze pears? Thankfully the answer is yes! There are [...]

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What to do with a Glut of Quinces – Using up Extra Fruit

Foraging is great for the soul (not to mention the purse strings) and it’s a [...]

Mulberry Gluts – What to Do With Your Excess Mulberries

Mulberries grow in the wild very well and you may well see trees full of [...]

Red And Black Currant Gluts – What to Do With Your Excess Fruit

Red and black currants both do well in the UK climate and cope very well [...]

Medlar Gluts – What to Do With Your Excess Medlar

Medlars have become one of the forgotten fruits due to their decline in popularity. That [...]

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Fig Gluts – What to Do With Your Excess Figs

Are you lucky enough to have a tree full of figs ready to be enjoyed? [...]

Apricot Gluts – How to Use Up Extra Apricots

Some problems that are quite fun to have in life, and having way too many [...]